The UnderDog – Part I – Sunrise

Mike Vlahopol & The Crossroads is working on a double album which will be released in two steps and it will contain 17 songs of three cool and loved genres such as Blues, Funk & Rock.

First CD offers a glimpse of classic and modern Blues and Funk with a modern sound mixed with the artistic touch of amazing musicians that recorded the album. With sexy grooves and cheeky lyrics expressing the deeper thoughts of any person in love, the band wishes to express the deepest dreams any humans has. The quest of real love and sometimes the impossibility of touching the hearts of the ones we love especially when love is not a mutual expressed felling.

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The UnderDog – Part II – Sunset

The second CD has more power to it and since the band’s versatility is allowing the band to be full of resources they are so much in love with good music and good vibes they considered they want to explore “The Best of Both Worlds” .. From Classic Rock to Glam Rock and Prog with a touch of a little Metal riffs here and there the dynamics of the band changes from one song to the other taking the listener into a musical trip in time. From the 50’s and 60’s Blues to the 70’s and the 80’s Rock and to the more modern Rock of nowadays you will travel with the band into a nice journey of good tasteful music.

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